Children’s Bureau

July 2016 was a treat for us at IMG, as several of our team members had the honor and privilege of visiting “The Children’s Bureau, Inc.,” in Indianapolis. The Children’s Bureau, Inc., is a non-profit agency within the state of Indiana, whose mission is to “preserve families and protect the future of Indiana’s children.” When we arrived, we met with the incredible and dedicated leadership team, to learn more about their different programs and people who are making such a huge and lasting impact on the lives of children and families across the state of Indiana. As we toured the facility, we had the privilege of meeting several of the children staying there, decorated aprons with them for their annual “Celebrity Cook-Off” fundraiser, as well as played a pick-up game of basketball. Those kids had skills, let me tell you! Visiting The Children’s Bureau Inc., was such a great experience for all of us, as it opened our eyes to the reality of situations of families and children from all different backgrounds, who are in need of assistance, as well as the amount of time, commitment, and heart that it takes to run an organization upon which so many children rely. We are proud to support and stand by The Children’s Bureau, Inc. in all of their endeavors, and look forward to the next time that we get to take a trip to see them and hear about all of the great things they continue to do to protect and serve the children of Indiana.

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