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Your IMG Client Portal gives you ultimate access to all of your insurance information and policies. From both your computer and mobile device, you can now make change requests, request certificates of insurance, report claims, and much more! The IMG Client Portal provides a convenient, seamless process, that allows for a transparent and hands-on experience.

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MyWave Connect is your all-access pass to thousands of helpful tools and resources, ranging from information on compliance and legislation changes, risk management strategies and insurance coverages, assistance in open enrollment, and much more. In addition to working closely with your IMG agent, MyWave Connect keeps you plugged in to the ever-changing and evolving world of insurance regulations, benefits, solutions, and guidelines, and gives you the opportunity to share this information with your employees.

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HR Connection is your gateway to all important employee information. Here, you can control time off approval, set up benefits elections for employees, as well as use it as a platform for all employee news, updates, and communication! HR Connection is the informational “hub” for all of your business needs to keep your employees informed and up-to-date!

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