When we think of water damage to our homes, we often think of water coming in from the outside due to excessive rain or flooding, but non-weather water damage is more common than you might think. A surprising one in five homes experience water damage each year causing $13 billion in damage. Since the water to the home must be shut off during repairs in most cases, people with water damage claims often must relocate for weeks or months which can be extremely inconvenient.

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Project IMpact 2020

Posted by Regan Reese on 12 May

Giving back has always been part of the heartbeat of IMG. Three years ago, IMG launched “Project IMpact,” a program dedicated to serving non-profit organizations in our communities. Typically during the Fall, our team of employees breaks into groups over a two week time period, volunteering to help support the needs of those organizations. This year, we were so excited to ADD a Project Impact for Spring 2020. But right as we were getting all the details into place, COVID-19 changed everything…for everyone.

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Posted by Regan Reese on 28 Apr

Did you know that the month of April is Earth month?

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Living in the Midwest, one thing I think we all look forward to is the coming of SPRING. Spring is a time of renewal and new life. A welcomed relief from the bitter Indiana cold.

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Whether it is a new work-from-home setup, a new child care plan, or additional personal protection and social distancing, we’ve all be impacted by the pandemic known as the Corona virus. The real question is, how are we impacted? In many cases where your income and ability to pay the bills has been affected, relief can be found through your insurance provider.

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Hit & Run

Posted by April Clemons on 12 Nov

You were in an accident. Everyone is ok, but instead of stopping, the driver of the other vehicle just drove away! Is it covered? It depends on what type of coverage you purchased for your vehicle.

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Posted by April Clemons on 29 Oct

Home and auto insurance are the last things you want to think about when a loved one passes, but you don’t want to forget about it in the process of establishing the estate. First, the executor of the estate should have paperwork available to the agent to make changes and cancel the policies.

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How's my driving?

Posted by April Clemons on 15 Oct

Most people know that carriers provide discounts for being accident and violation free, but did you know that you may earn additional discounts for your safe driving habits with new driver monitoring apps? These programs are known in the insurance industry as telematics.

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No one wants to pay for a vehicle they no longer drive, yet many of us purchase vehicles for more than their actual cash value, leaving us with the potential to be paying on a loan for a vehicle that is totaled.

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