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Did someone say discounts?


Let’s be real here. Everybody loves saving money. A lot of people don’t realize the discounts available on your personal insurance. Today, we will discuss FIVE discounts that can significantly decrease premium, and are actually quite simple to qualify for- some of them may be as simple as making a phone call to update your information!


Multi-policy Discount: This is one of the most significant discounts we can apply to a policy, and it just makes sense. It’s also one of the easiest to obtain. You have to have car insurance and you have to have house insurance, so why not save some money, simply by having both of them with one company? It’s that simple! Potential savings: Up to 30% of the premium! There are additional benefits on top of the multi-policy discount, which your agent will be able to give you in greater detail.


Telematic Devices: If you are a good driver, why not get paid for it? This program gives a discount based on driving habits. It is measured, either through a device you plug into your vehicle, or through your smartphone via an app. It monitors speed, rapid accelerations, rapid stops, distance driven, and time of day you drive. There is usually an up front discount applied, just for participating in the program- usually 5% or 10% of the total premium. Once the program is complete, the discount can extend up to 30% per driver/vehicle! One thing to keep in mind is the “good driver” portion, as negative feedback on this program, does have the potential to negatively impact the premium with some of our companies. If you have a lead foot, perhaps you should bypass this discount and check out the other 4 in this blog.


Home Updates: Part of being a homeowner is the maintenance of the property. Common updates such as new furnace, new plumbing, and new roof (by far the biggest discount factor) can shave some premium off of your home policy. Just make sure to keep your receipts/contractor paperwork to submit, to verify the discount.


Education and Occupation : Several of our carriers offer discounts for higher education and/or occupation. Even if you attended college, but didn’t receive a degree you may qualify for some sort of savings. Don’t think your job will qualify you for a discount? Don’t write yourself off too quickly. It never hurts to check- there are very broad categories- and the extra money you could save is well-worth a quick phone call.


Youthful Drivers: After celebrating the moment when your proud teen struts out of the license branch, with their shiny new ticket to independence, in hand, comes the often panic-inducing process of adding him or her onto the auto insurance… but there are discounts to help offset the high price tag that comes with new drivers! Having an A-B average and taking drivers education courses, are often significant discounts that will help put your pocket at ease. If your child heads off to college and you elect to leave the vehicle at home, there is also potential for an “away at school” discount as well. There is usually a distance requirement of 100 miles, but check with your agent, as this varies from company to company.


So, there you have it! FIVE useful tips and tricks to save money on your insurance, that you may not have thought about, before. We hope that you’ve found this information helpful!


Learn more about student discounts here!


Happy savings!


Author: Danielle Fields, IMG Personal Lines Account Manager


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