IMGrateful- A Reminder...

Living in the Midwest, one thing I think we all look forward to is the coming of SPRING. Spring is a time of renewal and new life. A welcomed relief from the bitter Indiana cold.


Just when we think we can’t take one more day of Winter, something begins to happen, and we start to see in vibrant colors… the world outside starting to come alive again. We wake up in the mornings and hear the birds chirping. We start to see the sunshine…well, occasionally. (We are in Indiana, after all. But it’s coming! ☀️) The grass is a lush green. The leaves on the trees return and flowers begin to bloom. The breeze becomes a little softer. Each of those, subtly reminding us that even when Winter seems eternally long and gray, there is always new life, new growth, brighter days…Spring.


Like the weather, LIFE also has seasons. With everything going on in the world around us right now, it feels much like Winter, and no one is sure when Spring will arrive. We are faced with challenges and uncertainties that are new to all of us. We are navigating uncharted territory. For many, it’s a time of loss, and grieving. Like Winter, many parts of this are long, cold, and dark.


But there is always the promise that Spring will come again.


In this period of confusion and of our new “normal,” one thing we can do is express and show gratitude for the good in our lives that is all around us. Gratitude for our families. Our friends. Our pets. Our jobs. Our homes. Food on our tables. Fresh air. The smell of freshly cut grass. The warmth of the sun. Time.


…and toilet paper. :)


Gratitude. Deep gratitude for first responders. Doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers. Government officials. Grocery store workers. Truck drivers. Police officers. Fire fighters. Postal workers. Teachers. Parents. Men and women who bear heavy burdens and responsibilities, sacrificing for the benefit and livelihood, in many cases, of complete strangers.


What we are experiencing right now is a showing of human kindness and resilience. It’s amazing how, in the wake of what’s considered the “worst,” we, as humans, are showing up at our best. We see it everywhere. People coming together all over the world, taking care of one another. Showing compassion. Reaching out to those in need. Countless acts of kindness and generosity. There is always beauty to be found.


We are all in this together - united- and we will come out stronger for it.

Let us remain grateful for the good. We will get through this.

And Spring will come again. 🌷

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