Did you know that the month of April is Earth month?

We have one Earth. One world for all of us. So it’s up to us to take care of it.

At the beginning of the year, as we were brainstorming ways we could give back to our community, one of our team members had a great idea. What if we came up with a way to get our team and our clients involved and giving back by planting trees during Earth month? None of us had ever thought of that before, but we were all on board and ready to get the ball rolling. Not knowing where to start, we found a couple resources that led us to sites of national companies. For example, you can donate money and someone plants a tree, somewhere trees were needed…you receive a certificate, verifying a tree was planted in your name, etc…which is great! But we wanted to go further if we could. What if we found a way to plant trees and give back to our community- our HOME- that we love so much?

Well, we have some exciting news. We found a way.

For the month of April, IMG has been partnering with the City of Marion Parks Department. For every new IMG client or referral during this month, IMG is donating a tree to be planted right here in the community of Marion, IN - our home base.

Taylere McCoy, of the City of Marion Parks Department shared with us a little more information on the extent of what trees do for the environment: “Trees are the lungs of our earth, creating oxygen for us to breathe and sequestering carbon. They also provide so many benefits to our community, including, but not limited, to fruit and nut production, erosion and flooding control, air, soil, and water filtration, shade, and mental health benefits.”

The impact the trees have on our environment is more than we even realized. They are so important! How cool that all of us, together, can make a such a positive, lasting difference? We have been so excited to run this campaign, and are honored to be working alongside the members of the City of Marion Parks Department. We will definitely keep everyone posted as the story unfolds.

Stay tuned and go GREEN!

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