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Spring Claims

Spring. The days are getting longer. The flowers are blooming. The wind is whistling, and the power is flickering. It’s hail and tornado season. Below are a few points to keep in mind regarding wind and hail claims.


First- No two claims are the same. Several residents in your neighborhood may have wind damage to their roof or siding, but that doesn’t mean that you do. Contact a local professional you trust to inspect your home for damage and provide an estimate. Anyone who contacts you first or comes to your door may try to convince you to file a claim that is not necessary.


Second- Know your deductible. If you get an estimate and the total falls below your deductible, the insurance company will not pay for damages. Also, if the estimated repair cost is only slightly higher than the deductible, consider paying for it out of pocket to avoid a potential claims surcharge on your future renewals.


Third- Talk with your agent. Unless the damage to your home is so severe that filing a claim is urgent, contact your agent before filing a claim directly with your carrier. Your agent will talk you through the process, set up the claim and follow-up with you on any additional questions you may have.


Claims are stressful and can happen to anyone. Your agent is there to help ease the stress while you get back to normal.

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