Underground Service Line Endorsement

Homeowners insurance is not designed to cover the land where your home sits. This can leave you unprotected from

 an unexpected leak, break, tear, rupture, or collapse of a service line that runs from your home to the main line. You may have received a flyer from your utility company offering coverage for the underground service lines that go from the road to your home. Typically, this is only good for the utility offered by the that company and it can be costly.


Many insurance carriers now offer coverage for all underground utilities for around $2 per month. This addition to your homeowner’s policy covers damaged lines due to animals, freezing, tree root invasion, and even wear and tear. Service line coverage includes the cost of excavating your yard and replacing the line up to the limit listed on the policy. For those who do not live in the city, most service line endorsements also offer coverage for the sewer lines running from your home to your well, but not from the septic to the leach field. Talk to your agent about the specific options available with a service line endorsement to your homeowner’s policy.

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