Insuring your hotel, motel, apartment complex, etc., is an essential component in operating a successful habitational business. But even more importantly, it provides you, your employees, tenants, and guests, with the knowledge and peace of mind that each individual experience in your facility, will be safe and enjoyable. At Insurance Management Group, we offer insurance coverages that meet a wide variety of habitational needs. Whatever your business-specific need, we will work with you to analyze your risks and exposures, as well as set priorities and objectives, to create a plan that is tailored to your unique situation.

After learning and assessing your information, we will take that knowledge and partner with one of our top-rated carriers, to provide you with the best insurance coverage at the right price. At IMG, we help you understand how to transfer your risk and reduce total cost of doing business. Throughout our relationship, we evaluate the effectiveness of our programs and adjust as needed to continually improve your insurance plan. Our job is to alleviate your worries when the unexpected happens, so that you can do your job and continue to create safe and positive experiences for your guests. Rest assured, in your time of need, IMG has got you covered.

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