Running a successful car dealership requires the execution of a variety of operations under one roof. From providing your customers quality service while on the showroom floor, to handling repairs and maintenance- from inspections, to financing, insurance and many other operational tasks, you provide your customers with many of the processes involved in getting and maintaining a car, truck or other type of vehicle. Insurance Management Group is ready to provide the specialized service your dealership needs and deserves. With over 50 years of experience in helping our clients understand the risks associated with operating a new or used car dealership, we can design a plan specifically fit to your needs to protect the future of your organization.

As the owner of an Indiana auto dealership, one type of coverage you are sure to need is Garage Liability. This type of coverage covers someone else’s vehicle when it is in your care, custody, and control. For example, let’s say you own a repair shop and you have ten customer vehicles on the lot to be worked on. A fire breaks out during the night and damages those cars. You don’t own those cars, so your Garage Liability policy is what will take care of the costs of the damages. When purchasing one of these policies, it is important to be sure to carry enough of that coverage to cover the amount of those cars, so that it doesn’t fall back on you and your wallet.

Other insurance coverages that play an essential role in the auto dealership business would be coverage for dealer plates in the instance that a potential buyer takes one of your cars on a test drive. We also offer coverage for new and used floor plans, meaning that if a hail storm were to bust the windows or dent the cars on your lot, your floor plan would pay to replace or repair the cars. We also offer both reporting and non-reporting forms. In learning more about your business, we will help assess which one of these options would work best for you. So, whether you choose to pay your premium each month based on your current inventory or would rather select a specific set amount to cover your inventory for the year, we offer solutions for both.

In today’s economy, being informed about and obtaining the right coverages for your dealership is a necessity. At IMG, our team will not only provide you with coverages best suited for you, but provide it at an extremely competitive price. We are familiar with and specialize in understanding the needs of your industry and will work side by side with you to familiarize ourselves with and understand your business, supplying you with the best solution to ensure your ultimate success. Come by our office or give us a call today to learn more-765-664-2333.