When selecting an insurance plan for your business, the ultimate goal is to protect your dream and all of the hard work, energy, and heart you have devoted to making your business a success. You have dedicated a lot of time selecting and understanding what that protection looks like and have taken all of the precautionary measures to prepare yourself for the many different possibilities of what could go wrong. While the standard insurance policies you have in place will cover most of the circumstances you may face, in the event of a catastrophic loss – loss causing significant damage to your business operations – the standard limits of those policies may fall short of your needs. Diligent preparation cannot prevent all situations that could greatly harm your business. In the event that something does go terribly wrong, and the cost of the damage goes beyond your policy limits, what do you do? Where do you turn? How will you afford the cost of those damages? How will your business bounce back? CAN your business bounce back? What you need is the peace of mind that an Indiana business umbrella insurance policy provides, and IMG can help you get just that – peace of mind.

Put simply, an Indiana business umbrella (or excess liability policy) offers additional coverage to your already existing liability policies, acting as a supplement that could make the difference between losing and saving your business. For example, if there happen to be any gaps in your primary coverage, your umbrella policy can swoop down and fill in those gaps. Perhaps you enter into a contract that requires that you obtain higher limits than what your current liability policy allows. This is yet another example of how an Indiana business umbrella insurance policy could save you time and money. With a business umbrella policy in place, the chances of overcoming those unexpected circumstances that can deter your business from success are much greater.

At IMG, our friendly, professional team members will work closely with you to truly understand and assess your exposures and risks, familiarize ourselves with how your business operates, and recommend the right amount of coverage for your specific needs. Based on those needs, we will pair with one of our stellar insurance carriers and begin to develop the best insurance package for you, so you have the additional protection you need. We realize the vast amount of responsibilities that come with owning and operating your own business, which is why our IMG agents are standing by, ready to alleviate your worries, so that you can continue spending your valuable time developing and growing your business to be the best it can be for your employees and customers, alike.

You have worked so hard to establish your business. So much of your life has been poured into making it flourish. It’s your trade—your passion—your livelihood. Don’t let yourself be consumed with the “what-ifs” and the uncertainty of what might happen. With IMG, you can know with great certainty that whatever the circumstances may be, you will have the protection you need. Give us a call or stop by and see us in the office so we can begin to serve you.