When looking to select a dental or vision plan for your group benefits package, you can count on IMG to provide you with the options and resources to accommodate the needs of your employees, while still bearing in mind, premium cost. While there are certain limits and networks that apply to dental plans, specifically, your IMG agent will work with you each step of the way to make sure you and your employees learn how to navigate and best utilize your benefits.

Dental plans can include:
Preventative Care: Cleanings, x-rays, diagnostics, etc.
Basic Care: Fillings, extractions, minor tooth repair
Major Care: Crowns, root canal, implants
Orthodontia: Braces, expanders, spacers

Dental plans can include one or all of these levels of dental care, and can be tailored to the specific needs of your employees.

Our vision plans include care for employees by providing routine eye exams, access to purchase of eyeware, lenses, contacts, etc. These plans provide discounts for laser correction surgery and other services as well. At IMG, we also have the ability to create a plan that caters to frequency for the various services included in your plan, such as, how often you can have procedures done and cost limits built in for frame allowance, etc.

Call IMG today to learn more about selecting a dental and vision plan for your group of valuable employees.