Health Benefits For Those Under 65


You’re young. You’ve always been healthy. People your age don’t get sick.


Young individuals often believe themselves to be invincible in one way or another. Unfortunately, life is uncertain. Luckily, IMG is here to provide you with help that will prevent such uncertainties from bankrupting your wallet.


The job market is rough right now. Most have felt its ill effects. There’s nothing worse than having a medical emergency while in between jobs and having to worry about how you will pay to resolve whatever issue you may have. Call and ask us about short-term medical plans. Perhaps you are changing jobs. Maybe you just graduated from school and are looking for employment or waiting for a job to begin. While Medicare and Medicaid can aid those who are unemployed, the process can take time and it is best not to leave yourself vulnerable without insurance.


If one of these situations describes you, please call and talk with a member of the IMG family. With our short-term medical plans, we can help protect you during any transitional periods in your life. Most doctors agree that oral hygiene is one of the most important practices to maintain, for dental problems can have serious effects on the rest of your body. Unfortunately, dental health plans are often expensive and not always included in insurance through employers.


Vision health plans can also be quite pricey, but the ability to see clearly can impact your schooling, career, and even your well-being.


Call and ask about our dental and vision health plans. We have plans that will suit an individual or an entire family!


Taking care of your health can’t prevent accidents or serious illnesses from occurring. Even with an Indiana health plan that covers such problems as cancer, heart attack, broken bones, etc., your deductible may be too high to manage. Luckily for you, IMG has Critical Illness or Accident policies that can help bridge the gap so that you and your loved ones can focus on getting better.


Regardless of whether or not you believe you are in need of an Indiana health plan, feel free to call and ask about our various policies. Because we take into consideration your premium, network, deductible, and eligibility for tax credit, we are confident that we can find the best plan that fits YOU, even if you already have one.


Don’t wait to become part of the IMG family. Call us today!

IMG has Critical Illness or Accident policies that can help bridge the gap so that you and your loved ones can focus on getting better.


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