Whether your profession happens to be that of a doctor, lawyer, counselor, wedding planner, or consultant (just to name a few), you are spending your days helping others by offering your professional advice and services. While it is clear how much time and energy you have devoted to excelling and becoming the very best in your field, at the end of the day, one thing is undeniable: No one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. So—what happens when one of those mistakes falls on your shoulders? What happens when your best intention for your client was actually not in their best interest after all? Or if a minor, overlooked detail results in a substantial financial, and/or even an emotional loss for that client? At Insurance Management Group, we have the answer you need: An Indiana professional liability insurance policy.

Whatever your profession may be, if you are offering your services for a fee, you have an exposure to errors and omissions. By having a professional liability insurance policy, you protect your company, or yourself as an individual, for any services you provide, or neglect to provide, that did not deliver the anticipated results. For example, let’s say you are a business consultant and you have just given a client your expert advice on the best sales strategy to put into place, but that plan actually backfires and the company loses thousands of dollars in revenue. You are now being sued for providing unsound advice and are expected to make up for the loss. Luckily, you have professional liability insurance coverage in place to safeguard you against claims such as this. Along with making up for the loss, it will also cover any judgements, settlements, or defense costs that may have accrued. This policy adds a level of protection for both you and your clients, alike, giving peace of mind that in the event that something does go wrong or is neglected to be completed, there will be compensation for the loss.

When acquiring an Indiana professional liability insurance policy, it is important to make sure that the policy terms correctly fit your specific needs, as each profession lends itself to a different set of exposures. Because there is no cookie-cutter policy that covers all service industries, you need a trusted advisor to put the time in to learn the “ins” and “outs” of what you do, and all that you offer, to ensure that you are protected in any situation. At Insurance Management Group, we will do the research and work closely with you to determine exactly how your professional liability policy should read, ensuring that one mistake or oversight will not shatter your dream, but instead, help sustain all that you have worked so hard to achieve.

At IMG, your protection is our first priority- protecting your most important assets. The protection of your life’s work ultimately means the security of your future and your family’s future, and that is exactly what we promise to do. Call us or come see us today to learn more information on an Indiana professional liability insurance policy and how we can help serve you, as you are serving others.