The choice between buying and renting a home is a huge decision that many of us have made or have to make. While owning your own home comes with many perks and might be the end goal, maybe right now, you find that you are in a transitional phase of life where you’re not ready to commit to such a huge responsibility such as keeping up with what a house requires. Perhaps you are starting a job in a new city and want to take some time to familiarize yourself with the culture and the neighborhoods before making the decision to buy a home. Or maybe you just want to remain independent for a while and save some money. Regardless of your situation, whether you are renting a house or an apartment, you will want to make sure that you invest in an Indiana renter’s insurance Policy, to ensure the protection of your personal property and belongings.

A common misconception about renting a home is that in the event that something happens, such as a fire or a damaging storm, your personal belongings will be covered under the landlord’s insurance policy. This is not the case. The landlord is only responsible for insuring the structure- all of your contents within the home are your responsibility. So, let’s say the house that you are currently renting does catch fire, destroying everything that you own. How would you begin to pay to replace it all? If you had to vacate your home temporarily while it was being repaired, would you have enough money to pay the cost of additional living expenses? By purchasing a renter’s policy from Insurance Management Group, you don’t have to worry about those impairing costs.

We understand that insurance can be confusing at times and often costly. A renter’s policy, however, is very inexpensive- an average of $15 a month. For an affordable price, you can make sure that your belongings—your life—inside your home, is well-protected. Some people may think that they have everything under control. Nothing bad is likely to happen in the time that they are renting their apartment. Well, what happens when something does happen? Or, instead, people believe that their belongings aren’t valued at much, so there is no need to spend the extra money to insure them. However, if you remain in your rental and accumulate more personal property over time, as most people do, you may not realize how much everything is actually worth- and when something happens to it, how much you wished you would have taken those precautionary measures to protect it all.

An Indiana renter’s insurance policy does not only cover your personal property, but it also provides liability coverage in the event that damage is caused to someone else’s property or if someone else is injured on your property. What if your child throws a ball through your neighbor’s window, or your dog nips one of your guests, or your child’s friend trips and falls while playing in your home? In Indiana, renter’s insurance protects you from such incidents.

At Insurance Management Group, we take the time to learn about your specific needs and use that knowledge to create a renter’s policy that provides you the protection you deserve. Your possessions are so valuable- don’t leave it all to chance. Stop by or give our office a call to get started on protecting your personal belongings with an Indiana renter’s insurance policy from IMG.