In order to properly accommodate the specific needs of your trucking operation, we, at IMG, aim to provide you with the solutions that will help to prepare and protect you from the unexpected. Regardless of the size of your fleet, types of goods transported, or the amount of cargo carried, you can be confident that with a trucking policy through Insurance Management Group, you, your business, and your employees will be protected and secured.

Our team members at IMG work with you and your trucking firm to assess your risk factors, learn about your business operations and your valued employees, to develop a plan that specifically meets your needs. Some of the industry services we cover are: for hire, local/intermediate radius, private fleet, long haul, passenger service, owner operators, and more.

After learning and assessing your unique situation, we take that knowledge and partner with one of our top-rated carriers, to provide you with the best insurance coverage at the right price. At IMG, we help you understand how to transfer your risk and reduce total cost of doing business. Our job is to alleviate your worries when the unexpected happens, so that you can focus on doing your job and that your business can continue to thrive. Call Insurance Management Group today, or stop by our office to learn more about how to get started.