As an Indiana business owner, you are constantly working and looking for ways to grow and improve your business. Whether that be investing in the newest, most innovative equipment, or developing a fresh, effective approach to serve your valuable customers, you are always searching for opportunities to better your business, your service, and the experience of your clients. There is one other very important component, however, that is essential to operating a successful business: your employees.

Without healthy, motivated employees, your business cannot operate effectively. The men and women of your staff are the ones who are serving and interacting with your customers. They ensure that everything is running smoothly. You count on them—which is why it is so important to make sure they are well taken care of in the event that they become injured in the workplace. This is where Insurance Management Group can step in and provide you with an Indiana workers’ compensation policy.

Indiana law, as well as many other states around the country, requires that you carry workers’ compensation insurance. Not only does the coverage protect your employees, but it also protects you, the employer, from being held financially liable. An Indiana workers’ compensation policy provides four main types of benefits: medical expenses, disability income, rehabilitation costs, as well as death benefits. At Insurance Management Group, we understand the importance of protecting your employees, their families, and your business, which is why we work hard to ensure that all regulations are met. You can rest easy knowing that you have the proper coverage in place.

In addition to the various workers’ compensation insurance programs that we offer at IMG, our knowledgeable claims advocacy professionals will assist your organization with a variety of tools and materials to better educate you and assess risk anticipation and management. When you work with our team of workers’ compensation professionals, we make you the priority- investing in and learning the details of your business and each type of operation being conducted by your staff members. Our process begins with analyzing your needs and exposures, followed by setting priorities and objectives, and conducting a thorough pre-underwriting process. With that information, we then pair you with one of our highly rated carriers, whose coverages best fit your business needs, and whose focus is on keeping your work environment a safe place. Throughout our relationship, we evaluate the effectiveness of the programs we have implemented for you and adjust, as needed, to continually improve your insurance plan and guarantee utmost protection for your valuable employees.

In Indiana, workers’ compensation insurance coverage offers tremendous benefits, creating a safeguard and supplying aid for injured employees as well as preventing steep costs to you, the employer. As a locally owned business, ourselves, we truly understand the importance and priority of maintaining a safe working environment and protecting our team members. Fortunately, the team members at IMG are here, willing, and passionate about helping you do just that.

So, give us a call or stop by our office to talk with one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff members about how we can work together to tailor an Indiana workers’ compensation insurance program to best meet the needs of your business and protect your most valuable assets: your employees. We look forward to working with you!