Some of our greatest lessons in life are learned at school. We spend a significant portion of our lives in the classroom, on the court, on the playground, on the stage, in the cafeteria, and in the hallways of our school. It’s a safe-haven- a place for children to learn, grow, and discover their passions. School is where we learn to read, write, and think outside the box. It’s friends and teachers who make impacts on us that last a lifetime. It’s prom. It’s homecoming. It’s winning the State Championship title in basketball. School is a place where young minds are ignited and new ideas are born. Our school experience and education plays a large part in what molds and shapes us into who we are as a person. A good education and a safe school environment is an essential piece in ensuring the growth and success of our young people, today. Therefore, it is important to know and assess the risks and the options that you have in protecting your schools with the proper insurance coverages.

At IMG, we understand how important it is to protect and take care of your faculty, staff, and students, as well as updating and maintaining the structures, equipment, and other school materials. With many of us at IMG being parents, ourselves, we, too, want the very best for our children. IMG has over 140 years of insurance expertise involving education and educational facilities. Just as importantly, IMG offers a full range of insurance carrier options (including national, regional and specialty groups) that will allow you to build upon the strength (or identify weaknesses) of your current risk management program. Coverage options are tailored to your specific insurance exposures and needs, regardless of your current program design, size, location and/or claim experience.


Public Schools
Private schools
Montessori schools
Charter schools
Church schools
Colleges and Universities
Junior colleges
Trade or Vocational schools
Booster clubs
Parent organizations
School building corporations
Summer athletic and recreational programs, camps and clinics


Equipment breakdown
Inland marine
Miscellaneous school property floater
Liability coverage
School general liability
Employee-benefits liability
School leaders errors and omissions & educators’ legal liability
Sexual misconduct and molestation
Law enforcement professional liability
Commercial umbrella liability
Violent event response coverage
Crime coverage
Automobile coverage
School auto and transportations
Workers’ compensation

Call our office at 765-664-2333 or come visit with one of our friendly and knowledgeable agents to learn more about how IMG can help assist you in developing an insurance package that will protect and ensure a safe and healthy school environment for your students, faculty, and staff, so that you can provide them with the best experience possible.