Regan and Mallie ringing bells for the Salvation Army
Cancer Services of Grant County- Annual run for breast cancer
IMG Give Back- YMCA
IMG Give Back- YMCA
Children's Bureau of Indianapolis
Dinner and fellowship with Circles of Grant County
Dinner and fellowship with Circles of Grant County
Give Back to the ARTS!
Give Back- Cancer Services of Grant County
Stacey and Mallie working the Northview Elementary School book fair
Representing IMG at Community Marketplace
Coaching #teamBoysandGirlsClub
Give Back- Grant County Rescue Mission

Our community is where we live. Our community is where you live. At IMG, taking care of our community is one of our core beliefs and responsibilities. And just as it is our duty and privilege to serve you, we believe that we are called to serve, give back, and support the many great causes and organizations in these places we call "Home." When we come together, there is no limit to what we can achieve. We will always strive to help make our community a better place to live, work and grow.

“What is most fun about our relationship, is that Trent and IMG do really have a focus around being engaged in the community, and having kind of that corporate social responsibility- that they're not just a business to make money, but they really do support and reach out to the community.”
— Alicia Hazelwood
Director, United Way of Grant County
"Working with IMG, has been somewhat of a multi-faceted approach with us, here at the Y. Not only are they our insurance carrier, charged with protecting us in catastrophic situations, but they have also been a partner with us to make this community stronger.
— Kyle Strohman
Executive Director, Grant County YMCA